How's My Driving Concrit Meme (hmd_me) wrote,
How's My Driving Concrit Meme

Crit Post 26

Remember, save the circle-jerking spam for love memes. If you want to tell someone "omg ilu bb," take a few seconds to think of a reason why. Also, if you comment, try critting/giving a constructive compliment to someone else. Pass it forward!

How's My Driving?
∞ Comment with all the journals you RP with (and the communities they're from).
∞ Reply to other people's comments (anon or logged in) with constructive criticism.
∞ Learn from the suggestions and profit!

▶ Play nice! Flaming will not be tolerated, and threads with such will be deleted. Save the wank for anonmemearchive/roleplaysecrets!
▶ IP addresses are not logged, but will be if flaming becomes an issue.
▶ If you leave your usernames, please give other people concrit! Everybody wants help as much as you do!
Save the circle-jerking love and praise for love memes. If you wish to give praise, give reasons why!
▶ Profit!


If anyone sees signs of being wanked/personally attacked/improper conduct, please post a link to the thread HERE. All comments are screened and will be attended to as soon as possible.


IMPORTANT NOTE: There were some major issues with a spammer last meme--IP logging is now off, but if it starts to happen again it will immediately be turned back on.
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